The framework at Yogiraj School makes learning flow seamlessly between indoors and outdoors making the most efficient use of resources and building on interests and enthusiasm of the students. The curriculum delivery adopted by Yogiraj School is Montessori curriculum.
The Montessori Curriculum is an innovative learning framework that incorporates specific learning outcomes and knowledge skills that align with children’s developmental needs and interests. It is divided into five key areas of learning: 
• Practical life
• Sensorial
• Mathematics
• Language
• Culture

Fostering curiosity and imagination
The Yogiraj Schools curriculum philosophy is based on research and a variety of learning theories which form the foundation that young children learn best through play. Our course options offer a nurturing child centered learning environment that meets the interests, ages, developmental needs and the diversity of each child. 
Subjects at Kindergarten:
• Literacy Skills
• Numeracy Skills
• Enquiry Skills
• Personal, Social and Emotional Skills
• Motor Skills 
• Co-Curriculuar Activities
• Primary School
• Development of positive attitudes and healthy habits
Children’s learning occurs through individual choices during play, teachable moments and planned activities facilitated by staff. The learning environment and interest areas are set up to encourage and foster exploration through hands on developmentally appropriate materials that ensures access to all children. Each area of development; Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical, is considered through planned activities that allows each individual child to develop these skills.
Foundations in Reading, Creative Writing, Science and Mathematics are strengthened in a caring and stimulating environment, wherein the learning process is made positive and more meaningful.

Subjects at the School:
• English
• Mathematics
• General Science
• Social Studies 
• Hindi [Compulsory]
• Moral Science [for Non-Muslim students]
• Art & Crafts  
• Music
• Physical Education
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Physics


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