Annual Report

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.
Dream deep, for every dream leads the goal.

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

It is the changes that we all go through our lives that constantly improves us, and with Maya Angelou’s words portraying this thought in the most dazzling way possible, I would like to wish you all a very pleasant evening.

On behalf of the management, staff and students of the Air Force School, Viman Nagar, I cordially welcome our Chief Guest, Air Commodore Rahul Bhasin, VM, Air Officer Commanding Air Force Station Lohegaon and Chairman School Management Committee Air Force School Viman Nagar, Wg Cdr Mrs. Neeraj Charak Bhasin, President AFWWA (L) Air Force Station Lohegaon, Air Commodore S. Anandan, Air Officer Commanding 9 BRD, and Mrs. Bharti Anandan, President AFWWA (L) 9 BRD. I also welcome the other invited dignitaries and all parents to this occasion that is our School’s Annual Function & the Prize DistributionCeremony. 

In Air Force School Viman Nagar, we believe that every individual has a lot of potential, and that potential can help accomplish wonders. That is why, it is fair to say that we thus believe that the future of the world starts here. The session of 2017-18 was a great year, and I consider it a moment of pride to showcase to you all the achievements and development that the school, staff and students undertook.

The school currently has a strength of 1360 students, 54 academic staff, 7 administrative staff and 22 multi-tasking staff.

Vision determines directions of effort and prioritizing deployment of resources at our disposal, and our vision is to make our school one of the best schools of our country by providing 360 degree education to our students through best in class academic facilities and churn out citizens who are inspiring leaders with a humane touch.

Excellence in academics is the hallmark of a good institution and the class X and XII results of the school prove without an iota of doubt that our students have made us proud. The key highlights of class tenth are:

1.    100% pass results

2.    57% students have scored 80% and above.

3.    No. of students in A1 & A2 have increased across of all subjects.

4.    Top scores in subjects are shown on the slide.

Sarath Kamal was the topper, achieving 96.20%.

In All India Senior School Certificate Examination March 2018, Anisha Mullick of Science stream and Vibhu Singh of FMM Stream are the toppers with an impressive score of 94.6% and 95.4% respectively.

The academic achievements of Science and Fmm stream (2017 -18) along with summary of comparative analysis of Class XII is shown on the slide.

The credit of the excellent performance is attributed to a number of new initiatives undertaken by the teachers and the school.

There is one more proud moment, one of our autistic student R Aditya secure 86.2% & in two subjects he has scored in nineties.

Details of this year’s achievers in academics are as shown on the slide.

It is with honour that I say, Air Force School Viman Nagar came as the second best school in Inter Air Force Schools for Secondary in academics for 2017-18, and also received third best school in Inter Air Force Schools in Senior Secondary category.


Teachers Empowerment Programs:

“Teachers are also learners.” Staying updated is the key to success in any field, especially, in education. Our teachers constantly strive to stay updated by attending workshops & various training Programs.

Our teachers also attended workshops conducted by SWAC and Air Headquarters to enhance their skills.

Student Achievements:

The competition is not only among the fellow students of Air Force School Viman Nagar.  They need to extend their boundaries and emerge as victors among other students of India.

Air Force Day quiz was conducted in Air Force School Viman Nagar. Fakhra Wasim of 9th B and Bishwajeet of 10th B  won the first prize.

The team of AFSVN achieved the 2nd overall prize in SWAC Inter School Sports Competition, held at Jamnagar, and SWAC won the 2nd prize in All India Athletics Sports Championship held at Jalhali.

The performance of our school in the All India Athletics Sports Championship was commendable. In individual events, our students won 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal, whereas in the team events, our students won 3 silver medals and 4 bronze medal.

Another achievement to be noted is by Mr. Raghavendra of Class XII Sci made a record during the SWAC Competition in High Jump by accomplishing a height of 160 cm, winning a gold medal. He again broke his record by attaining a height of 164 cm at the All India Athletics Sports Championship.

Competitive exams are one way to give the students an exposure. Our students strive to obtain various achievements at different levels, starting from school and spanning many steps.

2 students of our school, Smriti Saxena of 9th A and Aayonika Srivastava of 10th B won district prizes in the Spell Bee Competition held by Brianstorm. They received trophy, medal and cash prize.

Besides Olympiads and Sports, we have some Youtubers in our school, too, Prem More and Yash Giri of XI FMM.

In this era of English taking over all other languages, it was indeed a very heart warming and beautiful moment when our students took part and won in Sanskrit Geeta Pathan Competition.

Assemblies are an essential part of schools, for they not only promote a sense of collective belonging to the school but they also educate the students in various ways. Best Assembly Trophies were awarded to the winning classes, along with the Best Class Awards.

Co- Curricular Activities

By providing a conducive and encouraging environment, the students are mentored to participate in a variety of intra and interschool activities/competitions. It enables the student to grow in confidence, knowledge & enhance their all-round development.

 Some of the co-curricular activities for Primary are outlined as follows:

1.    Hindi Skit

2.    File Making

3.    Hand Painting

4.    T-Shirt Painting

5.    Hindi Subject Story Telling Competition

6.    Hindi Subject Enrichment Program

Moving over to co-curricular activities for Secondary:

1.    Solo Dance Competition

2.    Skit Competition

3.    Singing Competition

4.    Drawing Competition

5.    Debate Competition

Aside from individual activities, group activities were also conducted.

Student Achievement Programs

To ensure that our students are equipped to face any challenge, we have focused on few Student   Enrichment programs which is as follows:

1.    Procter & Gamble Awareness Program for Mothers and Daughters

2.    Career Counselling for Parents and Students

3.    Lectures by Invited Parents

4.    Career Counselling to join NDA for Class XII Sci by ex-student Sachin Sharma

As said by Martin Rees, “Crucial to science education is hands in involvement: showing, not just telling; real experiments and field trips and not just Virtual Reality.”

A cycle trip to Dighi Hills, adventure visit to Tikona, education trip to Balewadi stadium and a visit to Torna Fort were all arranged for the students. Along with this, a visit to a Biodiversity park and an activity on the Three R’s of Waste Management were also conducted.

Moving on to Motivation tours, our students visited the National Defence Academy at Khadakwasla and Gram Sanskriti. The students also visited the Static Display and Suryakiran Show.

In times of need, it our basic responsibility to help those who need it, and with this thought, the students organized a Community Outreach Program and Donation Drive for Kerala Flood Victims.

To add a new flavour to the daily assemblies, themes are given to corresponding sections of the school, along with one day being dedicated to any special or defence day of the week.

 Various clubs are introduced for skill development and to generate inquisitiveness and interest and encourage students to bring out creativity. This year we have introduced 7 clubs for Primary and 11 clubs for Secondary.

Celebration of Events

Along with these, various events are celebrated with a lot of vigour and fun. Some of them are:

1.    Marathon & Walkathon

2.    Republic Day

3.    Independence Day

4.    Scout & Guide Day where a day camp was arranged and students cooked their own food

5.    Yoga Day

6.    Teachers’ Day

7.    Sports Day

8.    Children’s Day

9.    Star Gazing where students of 6th to 8th stayed overnight and observed various celestial bodies

10.  Investiture Ceremony

Besides these, a lot of events were also conducted, such as:

1.    Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, conducted regularly on Saturdays

2.    Quami Ekta

3.    Rashtriya Ekta Divas

4.    Term End Exhibition for Primary and Secondary

Our students also attended a seminar for Menstrual Health conducted by Motherhood in an attempt for Guinness Record in KV 2.

New Initiatives

With gaining knowledge and conducting contests, many events are celebrated. These events are not only educational but also fun. Some of the initiatives taken this year are:

1.    Vann Mahotsav

2.    Pustak Mahotsav

3.    Measles & Rubella Vaccination

And a lot more concepts were introduced.

Events Cutting Across Groups

To improve upon and inspire an individual is great, but greater still is inspiring a group, and with this in in our mind, we organize Parent Orientation and PTAs.

School Improvement Programs

Constant improvement is the key to success. In this endeavour, we have introduced a few infrastructural and other developments:

1.    Shade in KG VN

2.    Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

3.    Water Purifier

4.    PA System

5.    CCTVs in all 3 locations

6.    Incinerator


To conclude, this year, we all took more collective step towards our vision, and while one step was taken, many more are to go, and it is certainly achievable.

Thank you.


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